What is an NFT avatar?

If you are new to online gaming and the concept of the metaverse, you might wonder "What is an NFT avatar?". Avatars are digital self-images which you can use in a game, website, or in any internet portal. An avatar can just as easily be a drawn image of yourself as an entirely fictional representation.

If you are aiming for anonymity and you do not want to put your picture online or just want to create a fantasy for your online persona, use the unlimited choice that our software provides by helping you to create and modify an image, especially if you do not already have the graphic design skills.

Virtual Avatar Software - Create Your Future with Us

No matter if you want to create a single NFT avatar for your social or work network or generate an avatar collection and get your piece of the NFT pie, you're in the right place. We have created a tool that can assist you to create your avatars as you are imagining them.

The main questions we asked ourselves in the creation of this project were - what is an NFT avatar and how should it be created? For those who don’t have an idea yet and need an avatar, we created a database from which the user can randomly generate an avatar, or they can use our database as inspiration and create it by themselves.

We know that many people want to generate their own collections of avatars, and our software can help you do just that. You can add all the pieces and details you want to use for your collection and custom create it on our website to give you direct control of the results.

To see all of options for our virtual avatar software, have a look at the features below.


The team behind NFTAvatar.com is working hard on the unique features that will be included in our Virtual Avatar Software. Some of the components will be your own PFP avatar with a turn on camera input by using our data, generating an avatar collection, managing your NFT collection in detail, for instance what percentage of rarity you would want the collection to be and many more awesome features.

Generate an Avatar Collection

You may not have realized it, but those NFT collections you see with the same avatar but different colors and traits, are generated by software built for that purpose. Of course, we have our own interpretation developed and based on your image editing skills and use of our platform - you will be able to mint an entire NFT collection of your avatar and use a different one for each of your accounts! Go wild with designing traits and create that rare custom NFT with your own vibes!

Manage your collection in detail

After the initial excitement of designing and creating an NFT Avatar collection, you may want to curate and modify it, and we have taken care of that as well. All the tools and features for complete control over your collection are on our roadmap. Rarity and 3D will be factored into your offering and you will be able to mint directly on our platform.

Create your own PFP avatar

If you would like to create a new avatar, you can try our feature for generating a PFP NFT by using our database.

Blue-chip NFT Avatar Projects

An NFT avatar is a picture of a character taken from the shoulders upward, used most commonly for digital profiles. NFT avatars are almost always unique and are generated algorithmically from traits of various rarities.

Avatar NFT projects come out every day with different utilities, but most of them fail in the long run. In this game, there are two types of people: scalpers and long-term investors. Scalpers are people who get in early on projects, mint as many as they can and hope to resell for a profit in a short period of time.

Long-term investors buy blue-chip NFT avatars, lock them away for a long period of time and, most of the time, they go up in value. We recommend this approach because it is most likely to win consistently.

These are the top 10 NFT avatar projects to buy right now:

NFT Avatar Copyrights and GDPR

Any original piece of authorship, including books, movies, and even the NFT avatar you bought for a profile picture, has a copyright connected to it. However, not all NFTs transfer the copyright to the purchaser. There are contracts governing almost everything in the NFT world.

By participating in the marketplace, you agree to their terms and conditions. Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Topshot, for example, has also released a template NFT License for creators to specify what rights an NFT owner has (and has not). You are buying all the rights of the previous owner upon making a secondary purchase on Opensea. When you purchase something that is subject to a contract, that contract dictates the terms of the deal.

Our Team

Our team consist of many young and energetic people, who thrive to develop the services you choose to use, following the most recent trends in the NFT industry and are confident on jumping in any new promising NFT project.

The experience gained so far from our completed projects, gives us the feeling that NFT avatar will also be a successful one. We are passionate about NFTs and avatars, and we went beyond with giving you the most comprehensive information and wide variety of functions in our SaaS website, as well. We put a lot of effort to bring quality and not only quantity on all the functions available.

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